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Bena Art

Bena Art is a student activity in Nile University with the vision of ''Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.''
They create a gateway to a tranquil community and offer students an atmosphere in which they can turn their ideas into reality.

Its mission is to provide comprehensive support to the university's talented artists, enabling them to showcase their skills in art and event organization with utmost excellence. It is dedicated to infusing vitality into the university campus through immersive decorations and thoughtfully crafted events. Its overarching goal is to cultivate an energetic and dynamic environment, fostering a deep appreciation for diverse forms of art among students. By curating engaging activities and fostering artistic exploration, it  aim to create a vibrant community that celebrates creativity and inspires personal growth. 

Esraa Mahmoud Eltanany, an Industrial Engineering student who graduated in 2022, was the founder of Bena Art Club at Nile University. Recognizing a void in the university's club offerings, which lacked a dedicated space for creativity and artistic expression, Esraa seized the opportunity to establish a platform for students passionate about the arts.u

Inspired by the initiation of the Music Club, Esraa saw the potential to create a club that catered to a broader spectrum of artistic endeavors. With enthusiasm and determination, she brought her vision to life, and students eagerly flocked to join the newly formed Bena Art Club, excited to explore their artistic talents and unleash their creativity within a supportive community

  1. Bena Art achieved a significant milestone by organizing the highly anticipated Triwizard Tournament on the NU campus. This captivating event delighted Potterhead enthusiasts with a range of engaging activities and immersive experiences inspired by the world of Harry Potter.u

The event showcased Bena Art's exceptional event management skills and their ability to create memorable experiences for attendees. The success of the Triwizard Tournament demonstrates Bena Art's commitment to delivering exceptional events and fostering a vibrant artistic community.

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