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S-shaped and V-shaped gaining-sharing knowledge-based algorithm for feature selection

In machine learning, searching for the optimal feature subset from the original datasets is a very challenging and prominent task. The metaheuristic algorithms are used in finding out the relevant, important features, that enhance the classification accuracy and save the resource time. Most of the algorithms have shown excellent performance in solving feature selection problems. A recently

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Graph transformer for communities detection in social networks

Graphs are used in various disciplines such as telecommunication, biological networks, as well as social networks. In large-scale networks, it is challenging to detect the communities by learning the distinct properties of the graph. As deep learning has made contributions in a variety of domains, we try to use deep learning techniques to mine the knowledge from large-scale graph networks. In this

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Fabrication, Characterization and Optical Investigation of Semi-organic Nonlinear Alanine Hippurate Single Crystals

In the present work, a single crystal of alanine and hippuric acid was prepared through the slow growth dynamics of sample evaporation. The crystallinity, structure, and cell parameters of the produced single crystals were determined by X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis. While, frequency shifting and the various functional groups of alanine with hippuric acid were investigated by FTIR and FT-Raman

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Estimating phase error using a Hilbert transform-based time-domain technique

Measuring phase noise in oscillators is crucial in communication systems, vibration analysis, and frequency synthesizers. Traditionally, this measurement is done in frequency domain by estimating the ratio of the power density at an offset frequency from the carrier to the power of the carrier signal. This approach is hardware intensive and dependent on the the offset frequency, for which there
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Out of 331 organizations in 42 countries around the world, Design House, which is one of NilePreneurs’ initiatives by Nile University, has been selected by NASA as one of the few international companies who will have the license to manufacture its new pneumatic ventilator device “VITAL” for treating COVID-19 patients. Out of 331 organizations in 42 countries around the world, Design House, which



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