Conference Paper

Type-2 Fuzzy Technique for LTE Handover Optimization Based on Cooperated Multi-Point

Saeed Darweesh M.

A seamless and fast handover from one cell to another is one of the main goals of long term evolution (LTE). Hence, the decision of handover is a critical part of the design process of handover. Then the selection of handover parameters must be in a careful and optimal way to have an efficient and successful handover. In this paper, a new optimized CoMP handover algorithm (CoMP HO) for LTE network based on type-2 fuzzy logic is presented. CoMP HO's were implemented by considering the cell-edge users and how to serve them without handover. It is shown via simulation that the proposed CoMP HO's can improve the total system throughput and minimize the total system delay. © 2019 IEEE.