Conference Paper

Study of optical power variations in multi-layer human skin model for monitoring the light dose

Hamdy O.
Ismail T.

Monitoring light dose is essential in much clinical procedures like bio-stimulation, neuro-medicine and photodynamic therapy and in many biophotonics applications such as optogenetics and biosensing. However, monitoring the optical power dissipation as light travels in different layers of tissue is essential in determining the required optical dose. Each part in the human body is protected by different thickness of skin layer; therefore, studying the variations of the optical power when light propagates in different thicknesses of the human skin is essential for safe and accurate medical diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedure. In this work, optical power attenuation in two multi-layers human skin models at different laser wavelengths and power is investigated. The system is analyzed using MonteCarlo simulation for light propagation in biological tissues. The obtained results showed a maximum penetrated power at 1100 nm laser irradiation for the both investigated models, while, the minimum power was recorded at 1500 nm. In addition, the absorbance in each skin layer was calculated providing essential information for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. © 2019 IEEE.