Conference Paper

A Scalable Firmware-Over-The-Air Architecture suitable for Industrial IoT Applications

Ahmed A.I.
Shahin E.I.
Said L.A.
Madian A.H.

This paper proposes a reliable and scalable architecture for firmware-over-the-air updates, which provides remote cloud real-time distribution of new firmware versions on industrial machines in an efficient simultaneous manner. The architecture comprises remotely interconnected software and hardware systems for handling the procedures of firmware distribution over a wireless network. The main contributions are developing a special boot-loader for ARM micro-controllers and an Android application for performing FOTA updates. A simulation is performed using Web and Android applications showing identical results based on the proposed architecture. Experimental work is performed on two ARM STM32F103C8T6 development boards, and the collected results showed a great match to the conducted simulation. © 2021 IEEE.