Conference Paper

Reliable Collaborative Semi-infrastructure Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication for Local File Sharing

Mokhtar B.
Azab M.
Fathalla E.
Ghourab E.M.
Magdy M.
Eltoweissy M.

Recently, Vehicular Cloud Communication (VCC) has been gaining momentum targeting intelligent and efficient data transmission. VCC is a type of mobile ad-hoc network comprising heterogeneous vehicles sharing their resources to perform collaborative activities. In this paper, we propose a new semi-infrastructure file-browsing in order to provide Network as a service (NaaS) enabling internet-independent browsing. In our scenario, a central management platform plays the role of controlling and managing the selection of relaying vehicles supporting the source to destination file transmission procedure. Nagel-Schreckenberg rules for traffic cellular automata (CA) are used as the basis for our scenario simulation. Nagel-Schreckenberg rules simulate the behavior of a group of hypothetical vehicles moving across a highway. We study the reliability and efficiency of file transfer in such settings. Simulation results show that the number of selected relays required to establish the network highly impacts the probability of successfully sending the requested files. In addition, the distances between the selected relays influence the network throughput and the probability of network failure. Moreover, the density of relays strongly affects the overall delay that occurs due to the continuous re-transmission of the selected files among different hops. © 2019, ICST Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering.