Radio optical network simulation tool (ronst)

Abdelhak Y.I.
Kamel F.
Hafez M.
Kotb H.E.
Omran H.A.
Ismail T.
Mostafa H.

This paper presents a radio optical network simulation tool (RONST) for modeling optical-wireless systems. For a typical optical and electrical chain environment, performance should be optimized concurrently before system implementation. As a result, simulating such systems turns out to be a multidisciplinary problem. The governing equations are incompatible with co-simulation in the traditional environments of existing software (SW) packages. The ultra-wideband (UWB) technology is an ideal candidate for providing high-speed short-range access for wireless services. The limited wireless reach of this technology is a significant limitation. A feasible solution to the problem of extending UWB signals is to transmit these signals to endusers via optical fibers. This concept implies the need for the establishment of a dependable environment for studying such systems. Therefore, the essential novelty of the proposed SW is that it provides designers, engineers, and researchers with a dependable simulation framework that can accurately and efficiently predict and/or optimize the behavior of such systems in a single optical-electronic simulation package. Furthermore, it is supported by a strong mathematical foundation with integrated algorithms to achieve broad flexibility and low computational cost. To validate the proposed tool, RONST was deployed on an ultra-wideband over fiber (UWBoF) system. The bit error rate (BER) has been calculated over a UWBoF system, and there is good agreement between the experimental and simulated results. © 2022 Tech Science Press. All rights reserved.