Conference Paper

Quantitave dynamic taint analysis of privacy leakage in android Arabic apps

Youssef A.
Shosha A.F.

Android smartphones are ubiquitous all over the world, and organizations that turn profits out of data mining user personal information are on the rise. Many users are not aware of the risks of accepting permissions from Android apps, and the continued state of insecurity, manifested in increased level of breaches across all large organizations means that personal information is falling in the hands of malicious actors. This paper aims at shedding the light on privacy leakage in apps that target a specific demography, Arabs. The research takes into consideration apps that cater to specific cultural aspects of this region and identify how they could be abusing the trust given to them by unsuspecting users. Dynamic taint analysis is used in a virtualized environment to analyze top free apps based on popularity in Google Play store. Information presented highlights how different categories of apps leak different categories of private information. © 2017 Association for Computing Machinery.