Conference Paper

Propagation modeling for accurate indoor WLAN RSS-based localization

El-Kafrawy K.
Youssef M.
El-Keyi A.
Naguib A.

WLAN RSS-based localization has been a hot research topic for the last years. To obtain high accuracy in the noisy wireless channel, WLAN location determination systems usually use a calibration phase, where a radio map, capturing the signal strength signatures at different locations in the area of interest, is built. The radio map construction process takes a lot of time and effort, reducing the value of WLAN localization systems. In this paper, we propose 3D ray tracing as a way for automatically generating a highly accurate radiomap. We compare this method to previously used propagation modeling-based methods like the Wall Attenuation Factor and 2D ray tracing models. We evaluate the performance of each method and its computational cost in a typical residential environment. We also examine the sensitivity of the localization accuracy to in-accurate material parameters. Our results quantify the accuracy-complexity tradeoff of the different proposed techniques with 3D ray tracing giving the best localization accuracy compared to measurements with acceptable computational requirements on a typical PC. ©2010 IEEE.