Conference Paper

Proactive scheduling for content pre-fetching in mobile networks

Shoukry O.
Elmohsen M.A.
Tadrous J.
Gamal H.E.
Elbatt T.
Wanas N.
Elnakieb Y.
Khairy M.

The global adoption of smart phones has raised major concerns about a potential surge in the wireless traffic due to the excessive demand on multimedia services. This ever increasing demand is projected to cause significant congestions and degrade the quality of service for network users. In this paper, we develop a proactive caching framework that utilizes the predictability of the mobile user behavior to offload predictable traffic through the WiFi networks ahead of time. First, we formulate the proactive scheduling problem with the objective of maximizing the user-content hit ratio subject to constrains stemming from the user behavioral models. Second, we propose a quadratic-complexity (in the number of slots per day) greedy, yet, high performance heuristic algorithm that pinpoints the best download slot for each content item to attain maximal hit ratio. We confirm the merits of the proposed scheme based on the traces of a real dataset leveraging a large number of smart phone users who consistently utilized our framework for two months. © 2014 IEEE.