Conference Paper

Proactive power allocation and caching node selection for regular service guarantees

Abdellatif B.
Tadrous J.
Khafagy M.G.
Khattab T.

This paper studies the potential of proactive resource allocation to prolong the communication sessions in networks with limited energy budgets and stringent quality-of-service (QoS) requirement, particularly a regular service guarantee. A threshold-based proactive communication policy is proposed to minimize the consumed transmission energy and maximize the network lifetime based on the different link states and the buffer state at the destination node. A closed-form expression is presented for the proactive gain in terms of the channel gain threshold, the amount of the proactively- transmitted data, the QoS requirement, and the channel statistics. The optimal amount of proactively-transmitted data is also provided in closed-form. Finally, corroborated by numerical simulations, the performance of the proposed proactive policy is compared to simple non-proactive communication, as well as non-causal transmission with perfect genie-aided channel knowledge. The presented results show the promising proactivity gains that can be reaped when channel statistics are further taken into account, as compared to legacy myopic approaches which allocate power based solely on instantaneous channel conditions. © 2018 IEEE.