Conference Paper

Multi-reader RFID tag identification using bit tracking (MRTI-BT)

Fahim A.
Elbatt T.

In this paper we study the problem of tag identification in multi-reader RFID systems. In particular, we propose a novel solution to the reader-to-reader collisions and tag collisions in multi-reader systems, using the concept of bit tracking [1]. Towards this objective, we propose the multi-reader RFID tag identification using bit tracking (MRTI-BT) algorithm which allows concurrent tag identification, by neighboring RFID readers, as opposed to time-consuming scheduling. First, MRTI-BT identifies tags exclusive to different RFIDs, concurrently. Second, the concept of bit tracking and the proposed parallel identification property are leveraged to reduce the identification time compared to the state-of-the-art. Our simulation results exhibit considerable performance improvement with 113% reduction in the identification time, on the average, compared to Season [2]. © 2016 IEEE.