Conference Paper

Merging supply chain and blockchain technologies

Amr M.A.
Eljazzar M.M.
Kassem S.S.
Ezzat M.

Technology is a significant component in our everyday life. Many definitions exist for technology, one of which is “all the knowledge, products, processes, tools, methods and systems employed in the creation of goods or in providing services”. Due to the impact of technological innovations on organizations, competitiveness levels are raised noticeably. Hence, reliable means of information exchange and assets tractability are needed, leading to new challenges facing organizations. This paper introduces different scenarios for solving these challenges utilizing the technology of Blockchain. In this work, Blockchain is utilized to address data transparency and resource sharing issues within supply chains. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted in this work, where Blockchain technology, Information technology (IT) and supply chain process technologies are merged to introduce the developed scenarios. The interaction of these technologies results in enhancing supply chain processes in the areas of: information, demand forecasting and resources. © IAMOT 2019.