Conference Paper

LTE dynamic scheduling scheme for massive M2M and H2H communication

Alaa Y.
ElAttar H.M.
Digham F.
Afify L.H.
El Badawy H.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) has become a generally used term owing to the concept of the Internet of Things (IOT). M2M communications have numerous areas of implementation such as medicine, transportation, environmental monitoring, and smart grids. As the field of its implementation extends, the number of M2M equipment are projected to grow proportionally in the upcoming few years. Current cellular network technologies will not be able to cope with the expected increase in the number of M2M services while considering QoS as a major topic. Many applications of M2M are delay sensitive that will lead to overhead on the physical random access channel, in addition to the lack of their standardization. In this paper, a model is proposed, by using Non-Preemptive Queuing Model, in order to investigate the performance of different M2M and H2H traffic classes under dynamic Access Grant Time Interval (AGTI) controlled scheduling scheme. This is done by using M/G/m/m queuing model focusing on the resource utilization and the Quality of Service (QoS). The proposed technique achieves a better percentage in delay reduction and a less percentage of packet loss. © 2017 IEEE.