Conference Paper

Logistics 4.0 technologies in agriculture systems: Potential impacts in the sdg

Morales M.L.V.
Elkader M.A.A.

Agriculture systems in developing countries have been characterized by a low technology level. The principal reasons are the high cost of technologies and the difficulties to integrate the systems with the dynamics of the current business world. However, these kinds of systems have been gaining importance, mainly, for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This sector is relevant mainly in three specific goals: Zero hunger (goal 2), Clean water and sanitation (Goal 6) and Life on land (Goal 15). An alternative to advance this purpose is the implementation of Logistics 4.0 technologies, because these kinds of technologies enable us to address issues such as nutrition, food safety, soil and water conservation. This paper examines the potential impacts of logistics 4.0 in the agricultural systems specific to contribute the achievement of SDG, through the study of evolution of 10 specific technologies (leagile supply chain, augmented reality, virtual reality, 5G, blockchain, six sigma, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data mining and internet of things). The results show of differences between the use of these technologies in the agriculture systems and their potential impact on the three goals. © 2020 Towards the Digital World and Industry X.0 - Proceedings of the 29th International Conference of the International Association for Management of Technology, IAMOT 2020. All rights reserved.