Conference Paper


Elkader M.A.A.
Morales M.L.V.
Singh P.

The purpose of this paper is to study and analyse the changes in logistics technologies concerning Industry 4.0. The paper discusses the effect logistics 4.0 innovations have on Intellectual Property (IP) management. Logistics 4.0 has marked a new era and introduced a novel concept to both industry and service communities. New entrepreneurial ideas based on different technologies are introduced which enables the digital transformation of logistics. This transformation also impacts innovation and various IP processes and its management. The approach used in this paper is exploratory in nature. The case study methodology is followed. This paper will discuss various examples of digital applications. Then a case will be selected for the analysis and categorization of innovation and IP. The categorization will take place based on different logistics 4.0 definitions as well as with concepts related to the types of innovation provided by the Oslo Manual and the IP management implications that are generated. This study has a limitation concerning the empirical part. More empirical research and studies should be conducted concerning logistics 4.0, innovation and IP management context. The findings of the case study will act as a guiding path for the upcoming studies, senior officials, policymakers, managers, and business leaders. The paper provides a holistic background of logistics and the revolution of Logistic 4.0. It also discusses the impact it has on innovation and IP management. The results show some important elements that have to be considered in the digital transformation of logistics 4.0. The paper can be used as a base for future research in specific issues related to Innovation and IP management concerning Logistic 4.0. Copyright © 2021 by Naudé Scribante. Permission granted to IAMOT to publish and use.