Conference Paper

Fully balanced LED driving circuit for optogenetics stimulation

Hesham R.
Ibrahim O.
Miyan L.
Soltan A.
Degenaar P.

Implantable probes with built-in light emitters have a promising potential for a range of applications, in particular optogenetic neural stimulation. However, where soft encapsulation methods are used, lifetime will be a function of the quality of encapsulation and the driving mechanism. We have found that a balanced driving mechanism - whereby the integral voltage on encapsulated contacts, can significantly prolong lifetimes. As such, in this work, we have designed a driving circuit that drives current but ensures balanced electric fields with an error of less than 1%. The circuit has been designed in 0.18um TSMC CMOS technology and integrated with custom implantable optical brain probes for characterization. © 2020 IEEE.