Four-wing attractors in a novel chaotic system with hyperbolic sine nonlinearity

Wang Z.
Volos C.
Kingni S.T.
Azar A.T.
Pham V.-T.

Chaotic systems generating multi-wing attractors have received considerable attention in the literature. In this work, we propose a novel three-dimensional chaotic system with hyperbolic sine nonlinearity. It is worth noting that the system is elegant and includes only one parameter. Despite its simple structure, the new system displays double-wing and four-wing chaotic attractors. By studying dynamics of the system, coexistence of limit cycles or chaotic attractors is discovered. The capable of the synchronization of new chaotic system is verified by using an adaptive control. Furthermore, an electronic circuit for implementing the system is reported to indicate its feasibility. © 2016 Elsevier GmbH