Conference Paper

On the flow anonymity problem in network coding

Atya A.O.F.
Elbatt T.
Youssef M.

In this paper, we aim at protecting the privacy of the communicating parties while ensuring the authenticity of source nodes. In particular, we exploit intra-flow network coding to preserve the anonymity of communicating parties. Towards this objective, we propose an anonymity preservation scheme, namely closed group anonymity (CGA) that preserves the anonymity of the communicating parties via mixing their flows. Afterwards, we explore an instance of the Authentication-Privacy Trade-off in the context of Network Coding. We analyze the trade-off with the aid of the proposed anonymity scheme and a previously proposed Source Authentication Scheme using Network Coding (SANC). We present simulation results showing that the proposed algorithm successfully leverages network coding to preserve anonymity against traffic analysis attacks. Finally, we not only confirm the fundamental authentication-privacy trade-off in the context of intra-flow network coding but also parameterize it via introducing a tunable parameter to dynamically control, and potentially balance, this trade-off depending on the security provisions dictated by the operational scenario and application of interest. © 2013 IEEE.