Conference Paper

The evaluation of coconut fibre as a loss circulation material in drilling operation

Owolabi O.
Emmanuel A.
Okafor I.
Daniel N.
Igbine A.
Gloria M.

This study attempts to show the effectiveness of using coconut fibre as a loss circulation material in drillingoperation. The research incorporated a practical approach. Laboratory experiments was conducted to designdrilling muds with the desired loss circulation materials. Their rheological properties and permeabilityplugging ability was ascertained and compared to determine the most effective loss circulation materialblend. To formulate the loss circulation materials, the coconut fibre was processed and particle sizingdistribution was conducted on the processed coconut fibre. The coconut fibre was separated into coarsesizes (3350, 2360, 1700 and 1180) and medium be sizes (850 and 425). The distinction between theformulated muds is the loss circulation material combination in them. The three drilling muds had medium-coarse coconut fibre ratio of 60:40, 40:60 and 30:70. The rheological properties of each drilling mud wasdetermined to show suitability of use as a drilling fluid. Experimental results showed similar rheologicalproperties for each mud and they are all suitable for use. The PPT test and ES test were conducted on themud samples as well. These experiments were conducted at a desired temperature of 200°C and filter presspressure of 1500psi. The thickness of the produced mud cake was measured. © 2020 Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition 2020, NAIC 2020.All right reserved.