Book Chapter

A dynamic system development method for startups migrate to c loud

Ibrahim A.A.S.
Awny M.M.

Cloud computing has become the most convenient environment for startups to run, build and deploy their products. Most startups work on availing platforms as a solution for problems related to education, health, traffic and others. Many of these platforms are mobile applications. With platforms as a service (PaaS), startups can provision their applications and gain access to a suite of IT infrastructure as their business needs. But, startups face many business and technical challenges to adapt rapidly to cloud computing. This paper helps startups to build a migration strategy. It discusses steps, techniques and approaches for moving from enterprise applications to cloud based applications. There are many several strategies for cloud migration but most of them are for SMEs. This research work, an approach for cloud migration to be followed by startups. In addition, cloud migration challenges facing startups are discussed. One to one meetings with 18 different startups who are moving to cloud computing approach have been conducted. In addition, a study about four successful startups which have already moved to cloud has been conducted, and their approach to cloud migration strategy is presented. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017.