Conference Paper

The deterministic capacity of relay networks with relay private messages

Zewail A.A.
Mohasseb Y.
Nafie M.
El Gamal H.

We study the capacity region of a deterministic 4-node network, where 3 nodes can only communicate via the fourth one. However, the fourth node is not merely a relay since it can exchange private messages with all other nodes. This situation resembles the case where a base station relays messages between users and delivers messages between the backbone system and the users. We assume an asymmetric scenario where the channel between any two nodes is not reciprocal. First, an upper bound on the capacity region is obtained based on the notion of single sided genie. Subsequently, we construct an achievable scheme that achieves this upper bound using a superposition of broadcasting node 4 messages and an achievable 'detour' scheme for a reduced 3-user relay network. © 2013 IEEE.