Conference Paper

On the degrees of freedom region of the M × N Interference Channel

Khalil M.
Khattab T.
El-Keyi A.
Nafie M.

In this paper, the K-user MIMO interference channel is considered. The asymmetric DoF region for the channel is studied. The asymmetric DoF represent the set of all achievable DoF combinations {d1, d2,..., dK}. For the three user channel, two cases are presented, the first is when all transmitters and receivers have equal number of antennas M, the other is when each transmitter has M antennas, while each receiver has N antennas. For the K user channel, we extend our achievable scheme for the M × N case. It is assumed that the channel coefficients are constant and known to all transmitters and receivers. The region of the achievable DoF tuple (d1; d2;....; dK) is presented. © 2016 IEEE.