Conference Paper

Coverage probability analysis for wireless networks using repulsive point processes

Ibrahim A.M.
ElBatt T.
El-Keyi A.

The recent witnessed evolution of cellular networks from a carefully planned deployment to more irregular, heterogeneous deployments of Macro, Pico and Femto-BSs motivates new analysis and design approaches. In this paper, we analyze the coverage probability in cellular networks assuming repulsive point processes for the base station deployment. In particular, we characterize, analytically using stochastic geometry, the downlink probability of coverage under a Matern hardcore point process to ensure minimum distance between the randomly located base stations. Assuming a mobile user connects to the nearest base station and Rayleigh fading, we derive two lower bounds expressions on the downlink probability of coverage that is within 4% from the simulated scenario. To validate our model, we compare the probability of coverage of the Matern hardcore topology against an actual base station deployment obtained from a public database. The comparison shows that the actual base station deployment can be fitted by setting the appropriate Matern point process density. © 2013 IEEE.