Conference Paper

Coded Caching and Spatial Multiplexing Gains in MIMO Interference Networks

Girgis A.M.
Ercetin O.
Nafie M.
Elbatt T.

This paper studies the Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) interference networks with arbitrary number of transmitters and receivers, where both the transmitters and receivers are equipped with caches. Our objective is to propose content placement and delivery schemes that minimize the worst case normalized delivery time (NDT). First, we design a delivery scheme for the cache-aided Single-Input-Multiple-Output (SIMO) interference networks. Then, we obtain the achievable NDT of the cache-aided MIMO interference networks by using the decomposition property. The numerical results show the superiority of our proposed scheme over the state-of-the-art schemes in the literature. Furthermore, we show that increasing the receiver-cache sizes achieves a higher gain than increasing the number of receive-antennas. In other words, the coded caching gain has a more significant contribution in reducing the transmission latency than the spatial multiplexing gain. © 2019 IEEE.