Cloud computing security: Challenges & future trends

Radwan T.
Azer M.A.
Abdelbaki N.

Cloud computing is one of the most trendy terminologies. Cloud providers aim to satisfy clients' requirements for computing resources such as services, applications, networks, storage and servers. They offer the possibility of leasing these resources rather than buying them. Many popular companies, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, began to enhance their services and apply the technology of cloud computing to provide cloud environment for their customers. Although there are lots of advantages in using a cloud-based system, some issues must be handled before organisations and individuals have the trust to deploy their systems in cloud computing. Security, privacy, power efficiency, compliance and integrity are among those important issues. In this paper, we focus on cloud computing along with its deployment and delivery models. A comparison between cloud computing with other computing models is presented, this is in addition to a survey on different major security issues, challenges and risks which currently pose threats to the cloud industry. Moreover, we discuss cloud security requirements and their importance for deployment and delivery models. Finally, we present cloud computing security future trends and research openings. ©2017 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.