Conference Paper

Chaos-based hardware speech encryption scheme using modified tent map and bit permutation

Tolba M.F.
Sayed W.S.
Radwan A.G.
Abd-El-Hafiz S.K.

This paper proposes a speech encryption scheme based on a generalized modified chaotic tent map and bit permutation and presents its hardware realization. The generalization scales the output range and increases the key space. The modification controls the bounds on the output range through a parameter such that chaotic output exists for almost all values of the parameter. The security and efficiency of the speech encryption scheme are validated through the randomness of the encrypted signal, the key sensitivity and the hardware resources utilization. The proposed scheme utilizes less FPGA resources compared to previous works and increases the throughput from 1.49 Gbit/sec to 4.35 Gbit/sec. © 2018 IEEE.