Conference Paper

Cache-aided heterogeneous networks: Coverage and delay analysis

Abd-Elmagid M.A.
Ercetin O.
ElBatt T.

This paper characterizes the performance of a generic K-tier cache-aided heterogeneous network (CHN), in which the base stations (BSS) across tiers differ in terms of their spatial densities, transmission powers, pathloss exponents, activity probabilities conditioned on the serving link and placement caching strategies. We consider that each user connects to the BS which maximizes its average received power and at the same time caches its file of interest. Modeling the locations of the BSS across different tiers as independent homogeneous Poisson Point processes (HPPPs), we derive closed-form expressions for the coverage probability and local delay experienced by a typical user in receiving each requested file. We show that our results for coverage probability and delay are consistent with those previously obtained in the literature for a single tier system. © 2017 IEEE.