Conference Paper

Band allocation for cognitive radios with buffered primary and secondary users

El Shafie A.
Sultan A.
Khattab T.

In this paper, we study band allocation of Ms buffered secondary users (SUs) to Mp orthogonal primary licensed bands, where each primary band is assigned to one primary user (PU). Each SU is assigned to one of the available primary bands with a certain probability designed to satisfy some specified quality of service (QoS) requirements for the SUs. In the proposed system, only one SU is assigned to a particular band. The optimization problem used to obtain the stability region's envelope (closure) is shown to be a linear program. We compare the stability region of the proposed system with that of a system where each SU chooses a band randomly with some assignment probability. We also compare with a fixed (deterministic) assignment system, where only one SU is assigned to one of the primary bands all the time. We prove the advantage of the proposed system over the other systems. © 2014 IEEE.