Conference Paper

AVB/TSN Protocols in Automotive Networking

Sabry A.
Omar A.
Hammad M.
Abdelbaki N.

In the last decade, Ethernet networks that require real time constraints are massively increased. Switched Ethernet is reshaping in-vehicle communications. To meet real-time requirements for diverse data types in automotive communications, Quality-of-Service protocols that go beyond the mere use of priorities are required. In Vehicle networks requirements are evolving and need better Quality-of-Service (QoS) options. This applies also for industrial networks implementation. Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) IEEE 802.1 Task working group are providing wide variety of Standard. This standard widens the design space for car networks so lots of ideas exists now. We try in this paper to the best of our knowledge, give insights about the studies that were developed for mainly for car networks as well as open issues that are still needs further research. © 2020 IEEE.