Arithmetic optimization approach for parameters identification of different PV diode models with FOPI-MPPT

Mahmoud M.F.
Mohamed A.T.
Swief R.A.
Said L.A.
Radwan A.G.

The Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) provides the most efficient use of a Photo-voltaic system independent of irradiance or temperature fluctuations. This paper introduces the modeling and control of a photo-voltaic system operating at MPPT using the arithmetic optimization algorithm (AOA). The single and double Photo-voltaic models are investigated. Their optimal unknown parameters are extracted using AOA based on commercial Photo-voltaic datasheets. A comparison is performed between these optimal parameters extracted by AOA and other optimization techniques presented in the literature. These parameters generate the P - V and I - V curves for the studied models considering the temperature factor. A good match is achieved relative to the manufacturer data. A DC-DC boost converter is used as a link between the PV modules and the load. The converter duty cycle is adjusted, varying the climatic conditions using three cases: without a controller, using PI controller, and using the fractional-order PI controller (FOPI). The AOA is employed to set the optimum controllers parameters to maintain the impedance matching between the PV modules and the load. The FOPI shows a significant improvement in controlling the system performance. © 2021 THE AUTHORS