Conference Paper

Adaptive training-based collaborative mimo beamforming for multiuser relay networks

El-Keyi A.
Champagne B.

In this paper, we consider a cooperative relaying scenario with multiple sources transmitting to one or more destination nodes through several relay terminals. Each relay is equipped with multiple receive and transmit antennas. We assume that the relays can estimate their uplink (relay-destination) channels with enough accuracy and that they have access to the training sequences transmitted by the sources. We present two adaptive training-based algorithms for multiuser relay beamforming. Both algorithms use Kalman filtering to estimate the beamforming matrices iteratively. The first algorithm is centralized where the relay terminals forward their received data to a processing center that computes the beamforming coefficients and feeds them back to the relays. In the second algorithm, each relay terminal can estimate its beamforming matrix locally using its received data and some common information that is broadcasted by the other relays. We present numerical simulations that validate the good performance of the proposed beamforming algorithms in stationary and nonstationary signal environments. © 2009 IEEE.