Conference Paper

Acoustic Attacks in the Era of IoT - A Survey

Hamed A.
Khalek A.A.

Hearing is one of human's senses that helps in the interaction with the surrounding world. Earlier researches proved that excessive pitched exposure or even regular exposure to acoustic noise with a high sound pressure levels leads to side effects on the hearing sense; severe impacts leads to Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) which in turn affects humans quality of life. In the era of Internet of Things (IOT), the interaction with machines or devices became very common, and with Voice Controlled Systems (VCS), the barriers almost dissolved between humans and machines. By all counts, and with proven results there are side effects of acoustics on devices as well; either those behave actively through acoustics 'dependent on acoustics', or those passively affected by acoustics 'independent on acoustics'. In this survey, we put an answer for this. © 2019 IEEE.