Multi-stage Low-cost Treatment of Dyes and Paints Wastewater by Coagulation, Adsorption, and Filtration for Reuse in Several Application

Research Project


  • Designing and constructing a low-cost, efficient, rapid environmentally friendly treatment system for textile and paint industries' recycling and treatment.
  • Conducting a comprehensive literature database of all the reuse and treatment methods, in paints wastewater treatment and all the pilot plants, and treatment plants used success stories that successfully reduce the treatment cost.
  • Testing the ability of different coagulants and adsorbents for their ability to degrade dyes and paint compounds.
  • Domain knowledge of the mathematical modeling and optimization techniques employed in wastewater treatment.
  • Testing the proposed treatment technologies at the lab scale and pilot scale (prototype model) and scaling up the most effective treatment system.
  • Performing financial feasibility studies of the tested systems and preparing a business model for large-scale production and implementation (construction, operational and maintenance, management, etc.). A prototype will also be built and tested in one paint industry for continuous treatment.