Alumni Office

Alumni Office


The Alumni Office establishes and maintains supportive, lifelong connections with Nile University alumni through frequent events and offering job opportunities. It works with both alumni and undergraduates and keeps the graduates in touch with the university, their colleagues, and friends, and provides them with many facilities and special career services.

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Athletes Office 


The university supports everything related to sports activity for students and employees through:

1- Providing a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.

2- Providing green sports fields prepared for the practice of various sports.Athletes Office 1

3- Activating the college's sports activity (forming sports teams - holding matches - participating in sports activities organized by the university - participating in the university's gymnasium "GYM."

4- Providing male and female trainers in all fields of sports and technical activities.

5- Participating with other private and public universities in the sports league competitions held by these universities and internal participation, inter-faculty activities, and the activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


Among the university's achievements:

• Winning the best female swimmer in the World Championships in Finswimming for adults in Russia for 2021.

• Receiving the festival shield from South Valley University by Nile University.

• Getting third place in Sheikh Zayed Marathon among Egypt's universities.

• Winning first place in the Arab Federation of Physical Strength for 2017.




NU Counselling Centre provides a professional service to its students. Its services support the mission of the University by offering:

- Counseling and mental health support to students and, with strict regard to clients’ confidentiality, work in collaboration with the University and BPS (British Psychological Society) provisions.

- Preventative work: to help students and staff make the best personal use of the opportunities offered by the University.

- Education: such as consultation, guidance, and training to the members of the University and provision of general feedback and recommendations to help promote a healthy working environment for students.

Students can book an appointment with the counselor if they are experiencing:

• Stress and Anxiety                                                                                 

• Depression and loneliness                                                                            

• Trauma and Grief

• Adjustment Challenges

• Relationship issues

• Decision-Making Problems

• Time Management Issues

• Problem Solving Concerns

• Lack of Motivation