Developing and Validating an Integrated Precision Agriculture Platform Using IoT/LPWAN Technologies

Research Project


The main objective of this project is to access and overcome existing challenges in implementing and developing smart farming, along with challenges raised in integration with both IoT devices and wireless sensor networks. Although many research works have been recently carried out and published in many works of literature to solve these challenges, most of these challenges still represent hot topics for research and optimization. The project aims to investigate and formulate many of these challenges and propose optimal algorithms and schemes to solve the formulated optimization problems. Also, it is expected, that the proposed technologies cater to diverse information and communication technology (ICT), the precision agriculture market, and society’s needs. It significantly lowers the bit cost for the end-users and the total cost of ownership for the operators. Also, the proposed system meets new emerging challenges such as energy efficiency, increasing the flexibility of network deployment, and allowing full interoperability among associated technologies.