Parabolic Trough Collector for Home Applications

Research Project

One of the challenges results from climate change is the shortage in electricity networks. The crises result from the climate change along with the repercussions of Covid-19 make it important to rely more on clean energy sources such as Parabolic Trough Collectors (PTCs- are parabolic shape reflectors that reflects the sun energy into a central tube in the focal point), Solar (Photovoltaic) cells (SCs-are cells that transform the sun energy into electricity), and wind turbines (WTs- are rotor blades that connected to generator and transform the wind energy into electricity using electric generators). The present work focuses on the analysis and design of PTCs. The analysis will be conducted using analytical and numerical models. A pilot phase is expected.


  • Reviewing the previous work on PTC for home applications including the methods of solution, and novel design. 
  • Detailed design and performance analysis of a PTC which is suitable for home applications. 
  • Manufacturing a prototype.