Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Design Expert to Forecast Spread of Corona Virus in Egypt

Research Project

The main aim of this project is to use artificial intelligence and control modeling to study the COVID-19 spread in Egypt and some African countries. This study will also reveal how long COVID-19 remains infectious and the trajectory of its transmission according to the input data offered to the mathematical models. 


The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is associated with many reasons: age, immunity, health system, population, education, technology, and other key factors for the virus's spread.  One factor at a time was the old trend used as a framework methodology, which many researchers had relied on in the past. It consists mainly of controlling all factors, fixing their values, and varying one factor at a time. However, this method is considered invalid as it does not consider the interactions between other variables; also, it needs a huge number of trials to be performed, which is a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, many practitioners still use this method, which does not ensure obtaining valid results. Accordingly, an alternative method was needed to design an organized framework with interaction consideration and the minimum possible number of failures, which will draw valid conclusions.

Outcome: Publications

Factors influencing control of the epidemic in Egypt: Case of mapping vulnerability index for the spread of COVID-19 IS Fahim, N Hazem, T Ismail, D ElKayaly Journal of Engineering Science and Military Technologies 4 (2), 190-204, 2020