Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Using Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp and its Derivatives “Efficiency Assessment and Optimization Using Artificial Intelligence

Research Project


  • Characterize sugarcane bagasse pulp using SEM, FTIR, and XRD to determine its potential for adsorption.  

  • Test sugarcane bagasse pulp efficiency on textile wastewater.

  • Study the effect of the different parameters on treatment efficiency.

  • Use Artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency and optimize the parameters to obtain the best conditions for treatment.  

  • Obtain activated carbon out of sugarcane bagasse pulp using physical activation.

  • Characterize the prepared activated carbon using FTIR, SEM, XRD, and Zeta potential.  

  • Examine different parameters on the removal efficiency of activated carbon including pH, concentration, contact time, adsorbent dose, and temperature.  

  • Optimize the conditions to maximize the removal efficiency using ANN and RSM.  

  • Use isotherm and kinetics modeling to determine the mechanism of adsorption.  

  • Fabricate adsorptive sheets out of sugarcane bagasse pulp.  

  • Enhance the mechanical properties using additives. 

  • Determine the efficiency of the adsorptive sheets at different parameters for textile wastewater treatment.

  • Fabricate membrane out of sugarcane bagasse pulp. 

  • Pore size measurement.

  • Fabricate adsorptive membranes out of sugarcane bagasse pulp and the prepared activated carbon.  

  • Characterization of the fabricated membranes.  

  • Design a prototype to include the different stages of treatment.  

  • Fabricate the prototype.

  • Test the fabricated membrane in the prototype on textile wastewater.  

  • Test the fabricated membrane in the prototype on pharmaceutical wastewater.


Outcome: Publications

Journal papers 

  • Textile wastewater treatment via sugarcane bagasse pulp.

  • Evaluation of membranes performance in wastewater treatment by using WAVE simulation.

Conference papers 

  • Methylene blue removal on biodegradable adsorption membranes fabricated from sugarcane bagasse pulp. 

  • Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solutions by adsorption on physically prepared activated carbon from sugarcane bagasse pulp.

  • Valorization of Agricultural and Marine Waste for Fabrication of Bio-adsorbents Sheets.