Genetics’ Factors Affecting Progression of Diabetes Type II in the Egyptian Population

Research Project


This project aims mainly to find the distant genetic relationship between the Egyptian population and other populations worldwide for the genes associated with the 4 metabolic diseases ( Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia). First, we started by collecting data related to Diabetes and its relation to the other diseases from the 1k genome project. Our aim in that stage was to project these findings over the Egyptian genome. The next step after we finished collecting the variants related to the disease worldwide, we managed to get their genes. We started contacting the authors of the Egyptian genome database to collect these gene data from them which resulted in 16 genes with all their variants and other information recorded.


A benchmarking review article has been conducted and was submitted to Current Bioinformatics while the first draft of the main paper is done and it is currently in the phase of results improvements.