Tech Space Funnel for Virtual Incubation

Tech Space Funnel for Virtual Incubation



"MedSpark is an Online Learning platform ""LMS"" that offers anyone, anywhere, the access to world-class online healthcare courses in In Arabic & English languages provided by best instructors from top-ranked universities and industry-leading organizations at affordable prices.


LINKAGE is a kind of health information technology and e-health application. Allows the sharing of structured medical data among different health stakeholders to improve the quality of healthcare delivery. The system gave the opportunity to Transition from paper health records to electronic health records with many benefits, including improved quality of care, promoting evidence-based medicine and record keeping.


Sa7by, is an AI assistant that is already fed with huge information the Egyptian users shared as public data on Facebook and Twitter and analyzed it, then it responds to the user.   Sa7by focus on women's health and answer daily questions for users.


AboFasada provides an integrated farm management system for small and medium  farmers to improve: 

  •  Food quality 
  •  Farmer income 
  •  Help them overcome the impact of climate change
  •  Provided the right plants based on the market need 
  • Connect farmers with consultants to help solve infection and disease problems"


Nabatac provide AI-based agricultural systems and consultancy and remote-control follow-up for plant needs


A digital platform that helps dental patients to get consultations about their conditions and guide their treatments through AI.

Fifth generation

A mobile app that uses AI to easily detect and diagnose all the diseases of any crop


Freehab is an application to help addicts recover from addiction and assist them and their therapist in every detail of  treatment. Addicts need continuous supervision and an ongoing therapy to succeed in their treatment. Freehab offers a platform that therapists and doctors can support their clients and with the use of AI can analyze their behaviors and predict relapses beforehand.


"DVet is a platforms that aims  to help veterinary pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their growth.

Turbo one

Turbo one is a digital marketplace for automotive services.

Zmap r

A new generation system  that changes the travel concept by providing all-in-one platform for customizing the individuals

& groups trips as per everyone's interests, without sticking to the old system of ready-planned trips & fraud of prices.


Agrinable is  a digital agriculture platform bringing together all the workers in Agri-sector, it aims to add value to 6 million farmers and build a sustainable future for food security system.

Cloud AI-Du

Cloud AI-D has successfully developed a revolutionary AI cloud-based solution that allows users to generate and explore many designs for their architectural projects with minimal errors, time and effort.


Intixel builds AI-powered products to empower physicians’ decisions with a second eye.

 Intixel AIRA, the main product, works on supplying initial diagnosis markups and draft reports to the image data flowing from the imaging modality which secures no diagnostic protocol interruption and doesn't require any training. Intixel AIRA continuously trains itself to correct for misdiagnosis at the client-side. AIRA is supporting Breast Mammography imaging, Chest X-ray, and Coronary CT.


Vowalaa is an integrated system to control your commercial or industrial organization easily via cloud systems that control all the departments of your company with more than 12 programs integrated in one system

 Square Corner r

Square Corner is a unique platform focusing on work culture enhancement by providing fun and engaging gamified virtual team building activities that support the wellbeing and productivity of employees working from home specially after the global COVID pandemic.


Mawelny is an online Platform that connects individuals and SMEs in need for credit finance with banks and financial institutions, enabling Customers to enquire, apply , compare and get best credit finance offerings that suit their need and status online, in an easy convenient way with Lower cost of finance.

Gedo POSl

A new powerful POS system (SaaS) that works on every smart device with many features that fits today businesses' requirements. We provide advanced system to solve modern day problems that faces business owners. Gedo POS keeps track on every detail that may help the business owner to take important decisions regarding his business.


MentorWith is a career mentorship platform that aims to connect young professionals (mainly undergraduates, fresh graduates and those seeking to shift careers) to potential mentors in various fields of expertise and experience, helping them to navigate their career paths and work lives via one-to-one mentorship sessions.


Glaveko is developing a B2B marketplace to help hospitals & suppliers automate the procurement process, reducing time & cost and increasing the efficiency of the procurement process through a B2B marketplace with different e-procurement features.