Product Design & Packaging Pre-incubator

Product Design & Packaging Pre-incubator



One stop shop that helps Cardiovascular patients improve their quality of life

E47nly - اشحنلى

A mobile app to improve EV (Electric Vehicles) charging infrastructure


E-Payment Solution for Minors

Biomix health checker

Biomix health checker is an intelligent way to check your symptoms and vital signs depends on artificial intelligence to monitor your health and to save medical information for doctors by using webapp as an interface .It can be used in clinics and hospitals. . Biomix is a startup for applying technology to solve critical problems in society and the owners are seven members. The need for technology in healthcare will never stop as it will always have new problems and solutions. 

سر الارض

A mobile application that provides agricultural online services.


Intelligent Glove for Egyptian Arabic Sign Language Recognition


Making healthy meals available for everyone.

Whole Fish

Recycling of fish waste and production of food and medical products


Venditer is a startup company that produces “smart vending machines” using cloud-based platform that accommodates a range of payment methods.


Naqrah is a digital solution for Arabic Developer that provide professional content in Arabic Language.


The proposed solution is to design and implement a system that will monitor specific agriculture field data to knowing the exact data of the field and the crops. It will also be able to recommend specific actions depending on this data. This consists of 3 parts: The web platform, The embedded system and ESPNode for the prototype.

Home Heaven

“Smart Dishwashing Kitchen Sink” that can be used not only as a kitchen machine but also as kitchen sink, a dishwasher and a baby washing machine. Compared to conventional dishwasher it takes no space, deals with any food remains with causing no harm, it needs no special chemicals, and it takes 20 minutes average for washing.

Adam XR

The proposed solution addresses a problem of big-data results in the management part, visualizing output of complex machine learning (ML) models in an intuitive, easy to understand using virtual reality and 3D modeling.


Jupi will be a new green channel mobile app platform that aims to connect the entertainment & tourism places with their customers and helps to:

  1.  Reduce wasting of flyers, menus, tickets and recipes by turning all the offline paper marketing to online.
  2.  Make a new greener channel to connect the places’ owners with the customers.
  3.  Build a new system for a reservations.
  4.  Understand more about customers’ behaviors through an insights panel for the providers.

My Hero

My Hero is an application that connects people rent, buy, sell and donate any medical supplies such as Wheelchairs, Crutches or Oxygen pumps.

Doogle Team

A mobile application for different pets' services (sell, buy, adoption, food, transportation, hospitality, etc.)

Legs go

Design a “’Robotic Rehabilitation Model” for the lower limp for the joints, hip, knees and ankle which capable to walk a spinal cord patient. The device consists of metal links, gears and motors that will give any patient the power to be able to move his leg and walk.

Neo Kosmo

This start up provides a range extension technology for electric scooters using battery swapping in less than 2 minutes when the customer pass by a station. In that way a range extension service like gas refueling is provided overcoming a barrier to adoption of electric vehicles.


Torus works on designing large scale industrial numerical machines with huge dimensions, such as a 3D printing machine with dimensions up to 1 cubic meter.

Torus designs and manufactures these machines and supplies them to factories, in addition to selling spare parts and the consumables.

Technical Support Offered to the team:

Selection and purchasing of the required mechanical & electrical parts.


EFIKA is an Egyptian manufacturer for solar cleaning robots that serves utility scale solar power plants and solar street lighting complex to help restore up to 25% of the power lost due to soiling effect.

By offering our automation or cleaning service we reduce the time, effort and headache associated with the cleaning process of solar power parks.

The company provides its services in the form of either converting the plant to operate automatically or providing a cleaning service, and thus it can solve the problems of time, and effort associated with the cleaning process for solar power plants.

Technical Support Offered to the team:

Manufacturing for a robot used in solar cell units cleaning.

Robo Cinema

Robo Cinema Creating animatronics ,movable mockups, special weapons and fake wounds.

Robo Cinema offers their products in affordable prices, a variety of products, and a special effects profession.

Technical Support Offered to the team:

3D Printing for sculptures used in the entertainment industry (for example; Production media companies).


HydroPal  is the first smart compressible water bottle in the market addressing both issues of dehydration and forgetting pills in an easy smart solution connecting small size - reminder - storage area - daily intake calculations - Smart band - emergency options all in one bottle. They plan to offer an application and smart bracelet to ease the process and both issues as well.

HydroPal believes that the ease of drinking and medication process would make a healthy society to live in, following the motto: (Drink-remember-repeat).

Technical Support Offered to the team:

Manufacturing & 3D printing for a smart water bottles.


T-CAF is a company that provides smart solutions for aquaculture that helps manage farm resources. Feed represents 70% of the cost, and failure to determine the optimal amount leads to waste of these resources.

T-CAF designed an automatic fish feeder that relies on sensors that measure the factors surrounding the fish in addition to fish weight and age to determine the optimal amount of feed which leads to reduce 20% of the wasted feed. The device is also connected to an application on the farm owner’s phone so that he can follow the farm and the device constantly at any time and place.

Technical Support Offered to the team:

Manufacturing for tanks used in food storage.