Launch -SaaS-Funnel

Launch SaaS Funnel



 Doctor Clicks is an app that aims to unify the patients' medical records across all clinics and medical vendors, to ease and facilitate the patients and doctors experience, and empower them with data that will enhance their medical journey.



ESTBN application is a digital car service platform that helps car owners to find the best service for their car. They provide

one stop Shop for all repair and maintenance needs, our app will make vehicle maintenance easy and convenient.


Interactive content in sign language, voice and sign letters at a competitive price and high quality.


Providing Domain and hosting to our target customer with Arabic support Easy – Fast – Affordable.

Foodeck r

Foodeck is an online marketplace that connects restaurants with food & beverage suppliers for an easier ordering process. Foodeck help restaurants cut down costs & save time as they can compare the products & prices on our platform, then purchase their order in bulk amount.

Basics Engageh

Marketing Automation platform that enables companies to communicate and engage with customers through one platform.

Go Talkyh

A platform for practicing language speaking with fluent speakers at any time without previous booking.. Combination between flexibility, high quality, different interesting topics, entertainment, and low prices.

Pharmabill r

Pharma-Bill is a B2B marketplace that brings together Micro, Small, Medium and big Pharmacies with one single platform that allows Pharmacies to order a wide range of inventory from a single platform ,which connects them to a wide range of providers.


A Social storytelling platform where people can write, read, share, and engage with others on their stories. It's the best place to find original stories, recommended by readers just like you.

DosorX l

A 3D virtual lab is a software for training users on how to deal with difficult systems like equipment, transportation vehicles, human body, planets. The virtual lab simulates the systems parts through a 3D modelling and simulates the systems’ operations using different effects.


Baggr is a platform that help e-commerce businesses get shipping rates from three different couriers, print shipping labels, track shipments and facilitate returns.


BOYOT App is a real-estate platform to find your property easily and properly. Boyot aims to provide you with best home buying, selling or renting experience.

Vekelz r

Vekelz is a website  platform that aims at bridging the gap between car owners and car service providers making communication between them easy and effective.


Home medical health mobile application, connecting medical health providers with patients through user friendly application with GPS.  

Cyber Tooth l

Cloud based dental clinic manager software aims to give business (financial, operational, and marketing)

insights to clinic owners to improve their control, efficiency and digitize their daily operations and workflow.

Smart  Teamu

An innovative end to end cloud-based platform represents a complete virtual environment to support companies manage and monitor employees in remote & on-premise environments.

Next Era r

Next Era Create specialized ERP SaaS systems Customized for specific industries. 


Book fun experience around you! Search, Compare book and pay in few clicks. 

Digital Carel


An online platform that manage and connect distributed ICU beds and ventilators.  


Next time you visit your bank, no need to waste your time waiting in line,

book your turn before you go, and arrive there on time.   

Smartify  r

System of developing affordable, reliable and scalable solutions for smart homes that also allows for secure sharing of information, awareness and statistics on cities-level in a continuous and seamless way. 


RoboEye develops computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions for a lot of advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS). 

It helps cars navigate safely through lane detection and keeping assistance.

Glued u

A game-based learning platform where companies can build their own training modules and pay a small monthly payment for their chosen number of users (offering gaming as a service) l

The first platform in the Arab region to provide on-demand production capacity. Which in turn connects customers who want to outsource manufacturing process with factories that provide manufacturing service to others

Visualu AI Solutions (VAIS)

Visual AI Solutions created a credit-scoring mobile app to assess people’s commitment to paying installments instantly while purchasing a product. This is done through reviewing their personal information and other information such as mobile phone metadata. This instant credit scoring technique will allow more daily sales and revenues to retail stores.

Vlab  (FunFlowl

Using Virtual & Augmented Reality technology to build a virtual Lab which enables any one from any place at any time to do their scientific experiments and interact with virtual objects, tools and elements like in a real laboratory. 

Elmetr l

Elmetr is a legal platform that helps clients to find the most suitable lawyer.

Dose l

Mobile app helping patients order/schedule & refill medicine in a GPS-enabled 3-step user journey. 


SUCCERA is AI Enabled Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) Quality Intelligence platform. With the power to roll up aggregated and historical data across processes, products, lines, and even sites give you the ability to track trends and variations.


Plastka is a solid waste management and recycling company.  It uses a mobile application to collect solid trash.

Anyone can exchange his or her solid trash with discounts coupons on various services such as Food , drinking and transportation. After  the collection process