Engineering & Sustainability Incubator Funnel

Engineering & Sustainability Incubator  Funnel


Elaf Engineering 

The product is Tooling solutions for manufacturers and products of this tooling 

LegsGo u

The product is an external device put on legs to help disabled patients walking again. It is important as it provides the patients a chance to live a normal life like healthy people. 

Neo Kozmou

The product is a Battery Swapping Station that holds a set of batteries where an E-motorcycle driver(customer)

can stop by to swap his empty battery a fully charged one in 2 minutes instead of charging for hours.

The empty battery is left to charge in the BSS for the next customer with another swap.


ELPO is a startup that helps disabled people by providing them with the appropriate tools to get back to their normal  life.

Our vision technical wise that we want to provide a product that can compete with the European product in terms of quality, functionality, and performance. Business wise we aim to be the 3rd Egyptian unicorn in the international stock.Our vision that we want all people to live equally and have the same opportunities in life. As a start, we are providing a prosthetic arm that can bring back to the amputees the function of their arms and the feeling of the textures they sense. Our very next step is to expand to the other types of disabilities to cover the maximum possible number of disabilities with the most affordable price to help the maximum number of people. You’re Not any Different


The product is a building block that is rapidly assembled, easily disassembled, and its specific design can hos Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing work with eease and facilitates maintenance. Also, a wall of neobloq does not need external finishing work since the main recipe of manufacturing the block is recycled single use plastics so the blocks’ finishing occurs during the manufacturing process.

Nile Azola 

The product is manufacturing fodder formulas according to the appropriate regulations for the animal, according to its production, whether meat or milk.


The product is a smart farming machine(robot) that can work automatically for various farming purposes like planting seedlings, weeding, and monitoring.

This product will reduce the time of the farming works compared with traditional ways. 


The product is a shoe cover dispenser that cover people shoes with sticky HDPE stretch to protect the floor from dust, dirty, and any heavy virus.

DeepScope (speamh

The product is a smart telescope mounts manufactured in Egypt that connects to an app on the phone to control the

telescope providing a simple ecosystem suitable for all users with different ages and backgrounds.


The product is a welding machine for UPVC of all sizes and different sectors, as the machine serves windows and doors with noise and temperature isolation. And that happens by heating the PVC sectors and stick them together without using bolts.

Industry Runu

A company specialized in Smart Factories Services, Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 transformation equipping our customers with the needed hardware to control and digitalize the industrial process which enhances our customers with smart system, easy to use which empower them to grow faster so our slogan (Smarter, Easier and grow faster).


The  use of  Hydroponic and Aquaponic farming techniques, which provides a lot of benefits:

  • No water is needed for farming (air condensed to reproduce water required for agriculture through Thermoelectric Coolers, and it doesn't consume much water) 
  • No electricity is needed because of using Solar System. 
  • No ample space is needed, as the Hydroponic technique allows anyone to plant vertically or horizontally. 
  • No sunlight is necessary; as plants can grow in a place not under sunlight through a specific lighting system


The product is Egrobots developed an affordable technology for farm data analysis  to increase the productivity of the same farm size by up to 20%, reduce pesticide usage by up to 30%, and save up to 10% of water. Our solution is faster than manual data collection, cheaper than IoT devices, and more detailed than satellite images.


Zitcom is a service of collecting used cooking oils for a profit that is beneficial to consumers in order to recycle the oils by industrial methods to produce biofuels, soap and glycerin, thus converting hazardous wastes that harm the environment into beneficial products while achieving a financial return for consumers in a successful partnership in which everyone becomes winners and achieve sustainable development.


Real Time Autonomous Farming as plug and play IOT devices to fully autonomize precision farming technologies from seeding to harvest


The current new invention The I_GIENE device for toilets is unique by providing the usual use of lotion in a regular and natural manner, such as using water, which saves time and effort by using a remote control,

which provides the user's personal hygiene and reduces the possible diseases that may be exposed to such as ulcers and infections and helps to treat patients with the digestive system and urinary tract as well as gynaecological diseases . It can also be used by all age groups, for women and men.


Niotek Technology S.A.E., headquartered at 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt, is a company providing Industry 4.0 solutions and products to businesses: enabling smarter work, faster and more efficient. we integrate hardware and Software into smart solutions then apply that in a creative and cost-efficient solutions, customized for discrete and process manufacturing, uses AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to help address critical challenges in quality and productivity throughout the enterprise.


Metropolymer is a low-zero embodied energy/carbon building product that uses industrial waste and doesn’t require fuel burning.

The final product contributes to building eco-communities and eco-towns.


Impulse is an eco-friendly vehicles’ maintenance house that aims to help the environment on four levels; water consumption, energy consumption, health and wellbeing, and finally the industry infrastructure. It will turn trash into treasure throughout the next ten years.


Tajdeed is a Smart Cleaning Solutions company that provides innovative methods for cleaning in a professional manner.

One of the services offered is the solar panels’ cleaning robot. It's automated & accurate to keep/maintain the quality &

efficiency of solar panels as long as possible


TricKool provides 2 technological approaches. The first is a building scale sewage treatment system that has been recently developed for high story, high density urban areas in Egypt. The system incorporates the trickling filter technology, and low-cost, easy-to-find materials. It uses -as an input- either grey water, or combined sewage. The wastewater is then treated through trickling along biofilm carrier stripes hanging in a high shaft, which can be placed in building ducts or small courts.


Glassolina produced a wood-plastic composite made out of recycled plastic and wood wastes with superior properties. It contributes to decreasing the carbon footprint of buildings, enhancing solar panels’ efficiency, and offering an alternative for other virgin plastic-based materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and plexiglass.


Circulark developed a plastic waste management model to supply the housing market with an affordable and environmental modular prefabricated system.


MTM-Hygiene is based on creating a whole machine with the purpose of ensuring hygiene for people.

The product for now is a machine that provides a whole plastic pack of toilet papers, wipes and other needed hygienic products.

Sawmaa u

Sawmaa innovated tiles and panels from solid materials as cement, earthenware and recycled materials to sustainable materials, while maintaining the modern interior design trends. Cladding and partitions’ panels are created with visual value and texture design.

 Smart Facadesr

Smart Facades produces a zero-energy consumption shading device. It automatically responds to temperature variation through the embedded properties of the “Smart Facades” material.

The proposed smart system is flexible to adapt the client’s needs in terms of view, daylight requirement and energy savings in space.