Creative Incubator Funnel

Creative Incubator Funnel



Recycling metal scrap to produce Sustainable artistic pieces used to decorate homes, offices or galleries and have a domestic function in its place.

Banana Artr

Provide unique and quality green handcrafted products city that are produced from recycled banana tree wastes in the Sohage governorate.


Using technology and Egyptian environmental materials ( Plam Branches or palm frond) for more furniture solutions and Easier to Assemble and Flat Packing.


Gallery Rouhr

Developing the methodology of designing handcraft and home decoration products by merging recyclable natural materials like Olive branches for producing unique nature pieces.

Qomashl Fashion Lab

Design and manufacture of eco-friendly textiles by women in Upper Egypt to co-create authentic and sustainable products that reflect Egyptian heritage and modern designs.

Floral Soap

We aim to reveal the inner beauty of everyone by enhancing skin's appearance and supporting skin integrity in terms of quality efficacy and safety, by providing a wide range of natural skincare products that are made with much love.

Catmint l

Established in 2021, we are a female-owned and operated Egyptian brand offering premium quality products, packaged to perfection to give the Egyptian consumer a world-class experience. After extensive research, we came up with a wide spectrum of high-quality products to satisfy all tastes & all price ranges to embrace your gifting and self-pampering experience.

Tarfal Leathers 

A unique handmade leather products brand where tradition meets modernity to produce exclusive pieces of art at a very high-quality standards to be able to sell into local & international markets. 

Roomr No 9 Design Studio 

A design house that deals with the cultural mix in Egypt. The design ideas are based on observations of the usage of different materials throughout various periods of the Egyptians’ history timeline.

Elhaddadu Design Studio

A furniture and interior designs studio that aims to create unique and innovative designs by referring to the ancient heritage, specifically Islamic architecture.


A Fashion brand that provide Akhmim High quality handmade textile that tell story of people, land and traditions to the world. It also helps Akhmim weavers, tilly, and silk crafts men to show their products


A brand that aims to design and create products that tell the story of this traditional art. Along with production, they have an educational program for the local women to learn different skills.

Nada Talaatl Design Studio

A design studio with a mission of creating unique contemporary products with cultural roots. They depend on using the power of technology and machines with their authentic handicrafts to create statement pieces that standout at any space.

Christyl Studio

Christy's is a young Egyptian fashion brand specialized in the natural leather handcrafted products. The whole production process depends on the female artisans, using premium Egyptian natural leather. Their main goal is to provide high quality products, and apply the traditional Egyptian crafts by a modern way in their original unique designs.

ORi Pottery r

The company is based on the idea of ​​integrating three-dimensional designs using origami, paper arts and digital fabrication, to end up with diverse designs of traditional crafts products (porcelain); expressing the Egyptian identity. 

Eman Solimanl Leather

 A small company specialized in manufacturing each of its leather products manually to ensure their quality and durability. Their products are 100% cowhide bags, wallets and accessories, all designed and implemented in their own workshop.

Newu Egyptian

The “New Egyptian” Project adopts materials focused approach to design. Inspired by Egypt’s rich material history, they create functional home decor/ accessories products sourced from culture. Applying unique qualities in local resources, utilizing them in designs made for modern living.


It is an online furniture store that allows customers a huge degree of freedom in customizing the available products according to their personal preferences. Through Jeezar, a customer would be able to choose a product of his liking from the available catalogues, edit the product’s dimensions, specifications, colors, materials.

Smart Boxl

It's about smart furniture and how to save space by using it. It can be used by the students at universities and schools, employees, or workers at home. It has a low price in addition to easy design.


An Egyptian start-up brand and Online Concept Store of colorful home linens, artistic handicrafts with trendy designs and boho-chic home accents, inspired by patchouli-scented hippies and cross-cultural layering of colors, textures and patterns from around the globe.

Craftedl Egypt

Creating modern, creative, high-end furniture and paintings using mosaic tiles with the help of their partner carpenters. Mosaic tiles are small pieces of tile that are cut and put together to create a pattern or design.

KEMETl Design House

Designing Lighting units and home accessories that are handmade manufactured inspired by an ancient civilization and the Egyptian history, the units made of eco-friendly resources and suitable for a range of variety of people.


Their idea is to give flexible internal spaces that you can, through our product, divide your space, regardless of its size, in any kind of internal space. They designed interior partitions that separate the spaces and can easily be disassembled, installed and moved from one location to another Through their product you can divide your space and transform it into a library, and you can go out of the table to work on it and turn it completely closed.


Al Qalam is an Art Gallery for learning arts with affording of calligraphy and decoration tools and meeting place for artists and inventors. Also, help to make artworks archived and digitalized.

Tell -kazelu

Furniture brand project based on our ten years of experience in the high-end furnishing., we gathered all our assets to result with tailored refined products, and after touching the market 's need to some challenging and unique products, we decided to design a collection characterized by its sophistication in terms of design, with different material integration and production boldness, to suit prestigious clients, and to serve the untamed imagination of unique designers.

Mawahebr Design Studio

Multi-disciplinary design studio offering a range of design services including architecture, interior design, landscape ,and product design. Following the essence of our layered culture and exploring locally sourced materials; we create products that reflect Egypt’s rich identity.