The Visit of South Korea's Ambassador to Nile University

Nile University President, Prof. Wael Akl, welcomed the new Ambassador of South Korea of Egypt, Kim Yong-Hyun, and his accompanying delegation to discuss potential avenues of cooperation between Nile University and South Korea - widely recognized for its excellence in

During the visit, the ambassador inspected a number of central laboratories at the university, including the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Competitiveness Center, a number of technological and industrial incubators, creative engineering, like the Design House, NilePreneurs Initiative supported and other facilities.

South Korea is known for its utmost attention to the educational process as it is the key to progress, and is interested in providing students with basic skills and abilities. And a modern, advanced culture that contributes to the development process and creates a conscious, creative person committed to work ethics and the values of time and discipline. Nile University enjoys leadership merit internally and externally as it is one of the fourth-generation universities, not only in providing distinguished education and advanced scientific research, but because it offers everything. It supports the idea of entrepreneurship, community service, and market developments, and it is one of the most important characteristics of fourth-generation universities, of which there are only a very small number in African, in addition to obtaining first place among African universities in the global classification related to the Awards for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. Amidst great competition from 400 universities across the continent, it became the first leading university in Africa in innovation and entrepreneurship. The university was also able to provide nearly 1,600 new jobs to the labor market, and its graduates possess problem-solving skills through scientific research.


For his part, Dr. Wael Akl, President of Nile University, welcomed the visit of Ambassador Kim Young-hyun, the new South Korean ambassador to Egypt, which came in response to the invitation extended to him by the university’s International Relations Office, stressing the depth of the relations that bring together the Egyptian state and the state of South Korea. In a number of fields, pointing to the possibility of cooperation, research and student exchange, and the implementation of many joint research between Nile National University and a number of similar universities in South Korea, especially since all Nile University graduates have a great role in their field of specialization in Egypt and the world, and have even become They hold prestigious positions in major companies in the Gulf, European and American countries. The university also offers distinguished training programs and embraces, supports and sponsors entrepreneurship programs from the idea stage to implementation and measuring outcomes.

Dr. Hassan Ali, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at Nile University and the official in charge of international cooperation at the university indicated that the joint meeting between the two sides touched on introducing Ambassador Kim Young-hyun, the South Korean ambassador to Egypt, to the applied educational model of Nile University and the university’s interest in leadership, business and creative fields. During the visit, the South Korean ambassador inspected a number of central laboratories at the university, including the Center for Innovation, Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship, a number of technological and industrial incubators, creative engineering, the Design House, F.A.C.T Center, which is the first training center accredited by FESTO in Africa for training and industrial services in Egypt and NilePreneurs Initiative, supported and funded by the Central Bank of Egypt.