Training of Trainers for Managing Technology Incubator

Reflecting on the invaluable insights from our recent "Training of Trainers for Managing Technology Incubator" session, engaging with 20 enthusiastic participants from across the Ministry of Youth and Sports, who delved into a transformative learning experience facilitated by a dynamic team of experts from the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Competitiveness Center (IECC).

The three-session training focused on the essential knowledge and skills needed for the successful management and operation of an incubator, covering a wide range of topics from Incubator business

models, Startup in-kind services, building an incubator community, designing the curriculum, defining incubator KPIs and success matrix, to running a successful demo day.

Manal Gamal El-Din, the Undersecretary and Head of the Central Administration for Youth Empowerment, highlighted the importance of the training provided by the IECC in assisting

emerging sports technology companies, and how the IECC serves as a valuable supporter for these incubated companies during their six-month incubation period.

Big shoutout to all the participants for their keen interest and active engagement. Let's continue to grow and innovate together!

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