"Thinking Outside the Box Economically: An Alternative Vision" Public Lecture by Mr. Adel El Laban

In the second round of the “Nile Saloon”, Nile University was honored to host the enlightening public lecture that was presented by the prominent financial figure Mr. Adel El Laban, former Group CEO and Managing Director, Ahli United Bank (Bahrain) and NU BOT member. The topic he presented tackled "Thinking Outside the Box Economically: An Alternative Vision" as part of our Nile Saloon series.
In his lecture, he talked about a different economic vision that would help our country find solutions and come up with proposals to get out of the current economic crisis, especially since the timing of the saloon and the title of the meeting coincide with the current economic conditions, Egypt’s efforts to solve them, and the unprecedented measures taken by the political leadership to contain them.

The university ensures to play a true role in fostering understanding and dialogue on these important topics, bringing together experts and the community to delve into key issues shaping our country today.