Salon Al Nile about "Industry in Egypt: Challenges and Aspirations."

"Salon Al Nile" was honored in its third edition by hosting Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, in a public talk titled "Industry in Egypt: Challenges and Aspirations." This took place on Saturday, 23rd of March,2024.

Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, visited Nile University to participate in "Salon Al Nile", which provides an institutional and academic vision of the Egyptian state through its guests.

The event was attended by Dr. Wael Akl, President of Nile University, faculty members, and deans of colleges, along with Dr. Nahed Youssef, Head of the General Authority for Industrial Development, and Du'a Slima, Executive Director of the Industry Modernization Center, and several ministry leaders.

Eng. Ahmed Samir praised the academic and research role played by Nile University in serving the national economy and local community, as it is one of the first universities to link academic specializations with industry. He also commended its role in supporting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and the development and support of small and medium-sized projects. He emphasized the importance of the role universities's role in linking higher education outcomes with industry requirements and modern technological developments.

He called on business leaders to benefit from the creative student energies at the university to serve the industry, especially since Nile University graduates are distinguished by their specialization and expertise that qualify them to join the industrial sector and find innovative solutions in the industrial field.

He also reviewed the role of the ministry and its sectors and affiliated entities in developing and improving the Egyptian industry and increasing exports to various global markets, noting that foreign trade is one of the pillars of the Egyptian economy that contributes to providing foreign currency, enhancing economic growth, and meeting the needs of the local market.

He pointed out the ministry's keenness to achieve the state's objectives aimed at increasing Egyptian exports to various global markets to reach $100 billion annually, by developing Egyptian products, increasing their competitiveness, opening new markets for Egyptian products, in addition to providing all forms of support to exporters.

The Minister of Trade discussed the executive measures of the national strategy for industry aimed at making Egypt a center for sustainable manufacturing and a significant state in international trade, working on increasing Egyptian commodity exports, increasing industrial added value, raising the contribution of the green economy to GDP, and growing job opportunities for youth.