Nutshell Session with Ahmed Hassan

Ahmed Hassan, the acclaimed director behind iconic animations and advertisements in Egypt and the Arab world, delivered an insightful lecture at Nile University organized by Nutshell club. During his talk, Hassan covered various aspects of animation and advertising, including:

  • Creating animated films
  • Storytelling, scenarios, and dialogue writing
  • Character and scene descriptions
  • Voice recording techniques
  • Mass drawing
  • Designing fitting cartoon characters
  • Model sheets and scene design
  • Background preparation and design
  • Colorization with Adobe Photoshop
  • Storyboard creation
  • Animation fundamentals
  • Classic animation techniques
  • Software like MOHO and Adobe Premiere
  • This lecture was a valuable opportunity for animation, cartoon, Photoshop, and graphic design enthusiasts to gain insights from a seasoned artist. It was an inspiring session that expanded creative horizons and shared practical knowledge in the art and animation industry.